Fieldwork Coordinator Update – Spring 2021


Fieldwork Coordinator Update – Spring 2021

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Spring 2021


Willamette Park, Sellwood Park


Park Days Spring 2021


In-person, place-based learning returned to Cottonwood every Thursday (K-5) and Friday (6-8) this spring! The majority of our students joined their teachers in Willamette and Sellwood parks to connect, learn, and enjoy the outdoors. Parent volunteers helped to create over 200 “sit-upons” (squares of tarp, trimmed with duct tape), teachers created teaching carts full of materials and supplies to bring to their weekly park day, and we have all learned a lot about how to bring school into a public outdoor space.



We were also fortunate to host several guest teachers on our park days and continue many of our community partnerships. Below is a list of individuals and organizations we worked with this spring to extend place-based learning opportunities to our students.



  • Christa Shier from Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services- 3 visits (1st/2nd grades)
  • Tim Donner and Abby Van Leuven from Audubon of Portland- four visits (4th/5th grades)
  • Karen Kitchen, Indigenous singer and storyteller (kindergarten)
  • Christine and Clifton Bruno, Indigenous educators- 2 visits (grades 3 and 1st/2nd)
  • Kevin Pozzi and Yael Warshai from Portland Parks and Recreation Environmental Education- 2 visits (1st/2nd grades)
  • Lyssa Tall Anolik, forestry- 5 visits (Kindergarten and 1st/2nd grades)
  • Aviva McLure, artist- 3 visits (middle school)
  • Sam Bisnette and Jody Fouse from PDX Education Collab- 7 visits (middle school)
  • Fern Wexler, bird specialist- 3 visits (middle school)
  • Chris Hager, NW Steelhead Association (1st/2nd grades)
  • Columbia Estuary Partnership canoe trips- 2 visits (4th/5th grades)



It has been a welcome opportunity to spend time with our students in parks this spring and we look forward to bringing lessons learned from this experience into the coming years at Cottonwood.

By: The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science Teachers and Sarah K. Anderson, Fieldwork Coordinator, The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science

Stay tuned for more updates of Place-Based Education (PBE) adventures at The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science.

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