Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Cottonwood School believes that the full education of a student depends and relies upon a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school environment. We value all lived experiences and integrate the voices of our school-community members, while also inviting insight from our larger community. We apply a culturally responsive approach to our teaching and our decision-making. We incorporate the histories, perspectives, and experiences of diverse groups of people who are traditionally left out of school curricula.

CSCS Equity Lens The Cottonwood School equity lens, used by staff, board, and committees, is intended to improve planning, decision-making, and resource allocation to promote inclusion and access. WHO Who are the groups impacted? Observe current demographics and disaggregated data trends. Identify target groups. TARGET GROUPS Could this decision ignore or worsen disparities for specific target groups? FOCUS GROUPS How have you involved target groups in your decision making process? (Listening sessions, surveys, interviews) BARRIERS What barriers were identified by target groups? What other barriers are identified? How will these barriers be mitigated? COMMUNICATION How will you communicate the decision to students, families, staff, and partners? EVALUATION Create a plan for reviewing this decision. How will members of the CSCS community be involved in assessing effectiveness?

The Cottonwood School Equity Work Plan

Illustrated nature scene with  The current Equity Work Plan is intended to describe the set of strategic DEI initiatives occurring between spring 2022 and fall 2023. The work plan outcomes are based on feedback from the culturally responsive survey conducted with staff, the DEI team, and board members.


Download the 2022 – 2024 Equity Work Plan (PDF)


The DEI Committee, Board, and staff will share updates on investments, actions, and advancement toward the goals in the Work Plan by posting updates on this page. If you have questions about the contents of the Work Plan or work underway, please contact us at info@thecottonwoodschool.org

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