CSCS Board of Directors

About the School Board


CSCS has a 5-9 member Board composed of both parents and community members. Board members bring a wide range of experience and skills to aid in the governance of the school, including education, legal, business, engineering, web development, publishing, real estate and finance backgrounds.


The Board works in partnership with the school’s leadership committees and administrators to advance Cottonwood’s Equity Action Plan, as well as supporting the overall governance of the school, including approving and overseeing the annual budget, engaging with teachers and families, and facilitating events that enrich the school-community. 


The CSCS board values input and support from the community. Please consider attending any of the monthly meetings or email us at

Join the Board


Board members are expected to:

  • Attend a monthly Board meeting,
  • Participate on at least one Board committee which includes communications and occasional meetings outside of the monthly Board meeting,
  • Support and facilitate events with students, teachers, staff, and families; and
  • Engage fully in supporting the school’s Equity Action Plan. 


The first term on the Board is one year; after that Board members can serve up to two terms of two years each. Diversity of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is valued on the School Board. 


If you are interested in joining the Board, please email Mari to discuss your interest, answer any questions you have, and schedule an onboarding.

Current Board Members

Jill Charno


Jill Charno

Board Member

Matthew Claudel


Matthew Claudel


Jonathan Moore


Jonathan Moore


Kyle Roy


Kyle Roy


Marisela Van Sickle


Marisela Van Sickle


Public Board Meetings


CSCS School Board Meeting Details


The School Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted below. The Cottonwood community and general public is welcome and encouraged to join! Meetings are in-person at the school, with Zoom links available if requested. If you have any questions, please email board [at]


Next Meeting


Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Time: 4 pm – 5:30 pm
Agenda: Reviewing and approving new school policies, committee work and updates
RSVP: To help us accommodate seating or virtual access, please let us know you plan to attend by emailing us in advance.


Board Meeting Minutes


CSCS School Board Meeting Minutes can be found in the archive or you can email us to request others.

Board Committees for 23-24


Strategic Planning & Policies


Board leads: Kyle
Next meeting: TBD; Please email Kyle to join a meeting or the committee
Committee work for 23-24:

  • Strategic planning for the school
  • Equity Action Plan
  • Policy Work (with OSBA)
  • Community / Staff / Board relations
  • Financial planning


Fundraising & Marketing


Board leads: Mari, Jill
Next meeting: TBD; Please email Mari to join a meeting or the committee
Committee work for 23-24:

  • Supporting Friends of Cottonwood with fundraising events including Arts Park Run and the auction
  • Developing annual fundraising plan


Facilities & Real Estate


Board leads: Jonathan, Matthew
Next meeting: TBD; Please email Jonathan to join a meeting or the committee
Committee work for 23-24:

  • Annual facilities analysis and repair management
  • Support facility search
  • In-building technology support

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