Overnight Trips


Currently we are hopeful that our spring overnights will happen. If you would like to begin payment on these please do, knowing that all payments will be reimbursed if the trips are cancelled.


Purpose of Overnight Trips


Overnight trips are part of the CSCS upper school curriculum. The fourth, fifth, and sixth grade schedule one trip in the spring and the seventh and eighth grades schedule two trips: a retreat in the fall and a longer trip in the spring.


There are several reasons why we incorporate overnight trips into our curriculum:


  1. To build deeper community between students and teachers, and across grades
  2. To foster a stronger understanding of our environment, whether urban or wild
  3. To nurture a stronger connection to place
  4. To reinforce and build on curriculum taught in class
  5. To encourage personal growth and reflection through new experiences
  6. To disrupt normal routines and create possibilities for positive change




Overnight trips are part of our curriculum; they are not an “add-on.” Student attendance is required. The only exceptions are students who are not invited due to behavioral concerns or students with significant medical concerns. If a student does not attend the trip, parents need to make other arrangements for them on the days their classmates are not in school, and they will be required to complete alternate assignments.


Cost and Payment


Parents will be billed to cover the cost of the trip through installments. Parents will be notified of the cost several months before the trip. Cost will not prohibit anyone from attending overnight trips and we will work with all families to make sure their children can take part. Scholarships and payment plans are both available. Please inquire with the director or the business office.




Most overnight trips require parent volunteers. Costs of the trip will be covered for adult chaperones. Volunteers will be expected to follow the CSCS guidelines for chaperones.




Overnight trips are a time for students to “retreat” from their normal home life and immerse themselves in a new place. The expectation is for them to focus their attention on relationships within their school community. To ensure this experience, students are not permitted to bring phones or other electronic devices. All attending teachers and chaperones will have cell phones, and numbers will be shared with parents. Parents can contact teachers if they need to communicate something to their child. Students will not be in communication with parents except in the case of an emergency. If a student is found with a phone or electronic device, it will be taken away and held by a teacher until the class returns to school.


Required Paperwork


  1. School Permission Slip
  2. Behavior Contract- to be signed by student and parent. It is important to note that any child breaking the contract will be sent home from the trip. It is the parent’s responsibility to pick the child up from the trip location.
  3. Medical Form
  4. Any paperwork from leading organization

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