Family Expectations

As a charter school, when considering all state school funding that is allocated per pupil, we received approximately 53% of each education dollar. That means your neighborhood school receives about $12,000 per student, and we get about $6,360 per student each year. In addition, we pay high rent for our urban space.  This means we have to do more with less, and we need your help to do it!

Each year, all families are expected to contribute 24 hours of service work to the school, with at least two fieldwork experiences as part of those hours. We have volunteer opportunities in every aspect of our school. Some directly tied to the classroom: chaperoning, assisting with centers, reading or math support, and others supporting the school as a whole: office support, PTO, board membership, work parties, cleaning, painting, safety patrol, building, and more. We encourage you to ask questions, dig in and find a way to volunteer that fits you and your family best.


Each family is expected to volunteer 24 hours (per student) throughout the school year and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone willing to give the time. Examples include (but are not limited to):


Benefits of Volunteering 🙂


  • You are setting a good example for your child
  • When parents get involved, children do better
  • You are helping your community
  • Meet other parents

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