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2023-2024 Opt-Out Form

Consent for Videotaping and Meetings


Oregon Family Income Survey


Student Medication Form


To comply with school policy, all medication is to be administered by school personnel and MUST be pre-approved in writing by the parent/guardian or doctor. A completed and signed CSCS “Request for Administration of Medication Form” needs to be on file at the school before any medication can be administered.


Students may not keep medication with them unless they have been designated as Self-Managers (certified and or authorized to self medicate) and cleared by the principal to do so. All medicine (including inhalers for asthma) must be secured in the classroom or school office before requesting that medicine be administered at school.

Immunization Form


Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status
Oregon Department of Human Services, Immunization Program

Oregon law requires proof of immunization be provided or a religious or medical exemption be signed prior to a child’s attendance at school, preschool, child care or home day care. This information is being collected on behalf of the Oregon Department of Human Services, Immunization Program and may be released to the Department or the local Public Health Authority by the school or children’s facility upon request of the Department. Vaccine history must include at least the month and year. Please list immunizations in the order they were received.

Volunteer Background Check Form


The background check is a criminal history check. We use your information and run it against government databases to check for misdemeanor and/or felony violations. Please read the Background Check FAQ for more information.

CSCS Technology Policy

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