Giving FAQs

Why does CSCS need to fund raise?

Each year, the Oregon legislature and the Governor decide on the pool of money that will be distributed to public schools (the State School Fund) to meet all of their expenses. Each school gets an allocation based on its enrollment, but public charter schools only receive roughly half the allocation that other public schools receive. We need to raise money in order to deliver on our mission and vision, to keep our class sizes relatively small, and to enhance our program offerings.

What/Who is the development committee?

The development committee is a group of volunteer parents, administrators and teachers dedicated to helping us meet our goals. We are always looking for more members! We typically meet once a month, and our purpose is to establish the events, campaigns, and goals of fundraising for the year.

How are the fundraising goals determined?

The goals are determined on an annual basis after reviewing the annual budget with input from the teachers, staff, and parents (informally and via the year-end surveys).

How can I contribute?

We recently began our general ask campaign, which requests a monthly or one-time donation. This is an easy way to contribute immediately and we hope that all families will contribute in some way. You can visit the donate page to give now.

How much should I contribute?

For our general campaign, we are hoping to raise $25 per family per month, or $300 for the year. With the understanding that might not work for all families, we hope that all families can contribute an amount they feel meaningful as circumstances allow. No amount of money or effort is too small.

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