Listen to Sarah Anderson on OPB’s “Think Out Loud” Speaking About Civil Rights Curriculum


Article Title: "Black History Curriculum | Rural Healthcare | Company Town"

Date of Article: 06/06/2019

Article Author: Sam McAlevy, Samantha Matsumoto, and Sage Van Wing


The Cottonwood School in southwest Portland emphasizes place-based learning, but when Sarah Anderson started teaching civil rights to her middle school students, she discovered that materials about Oregon’s civil rights history were scarce. She set out to remedy that. A curriculum called “Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs: The Black History of Portland, Oregon” is the result of her efforts, and Anderson is sharing it in a teacher workshop for the second time this summer. She hopes to empower educators from across the city to use it in their classrooms. We hear from her as well as Darrell Millner, professor emeritus of African American Studies at Portland State University, who helped develop the curriculum.

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Author Bio:

Sam McAlevy, Samantha Matsumoto, and Sage Van Wing are producers for OPB’s daily talk show, “Think Out Loud” on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting).

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