Essay Inspired by Dr. Kimmerer’s visit to Cottonwood

CSCS Community Spotlight: Essay Inspired by Dr. Kimmerer’s Visit to Cottonwood

Board member and school parent Laura Stanfill recently earned publication for her essay, “Water Damage,” in About Place Journal. The essay was inspired in part by the community Braiding Sweetgrass events Cottonwood held during the 2020-21 school year. Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer participated in several live virtual events hosted by the school and Confluence.


“I felt so fortunate that our whole community—students, families, and staff—were able to learn from Dr. Kimmerer’s work—on the page as we passed copies of Braiding Sweetgrass around as well as through her virtual appearances,” Stanfill said. “Reading the book deeply impacted how I look at the world around us. I would have never written this essay if I didn’t have those meaningful experiences with Dr. Kimmerer. I’m so grateful to the Cottonwood staff and our community partners for making these learning opportunities possible.”


You can read the essay here:




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