Alliance Formed With Mirabella and Southwest Charter School

The following is an article copied directly from the Mirabella Magazine, called 3550.

Alliance Formed With Southwest Charter School
by Steve Casey
3550 Magazine I March 2015

Avi Spencer

Avi Spencer

Kids decorating cookies in Willamette Hall a couple months back was just the beginning. Mirabella is now forming a partnership with Southwest Charter School, bringing the wisdom and experience of older folks to the energy and enthusiasm of youngsters.

The school — heavily into getting its grades K-8 students out beyond the classroom —approached Mirabella late last year. Mirabella’s resident services director, Megan Huston, has been working with the school’s field work coordinator, Sarah Anderson.

Aubrey Spangler

Aubrey Spangler

“We are thoroughly excited to be collaborating more with Mirabella,” Sarah said in an email.”

Our primary mission as a school is to engage with our neighbors in the community and learn from real-life experience,” she said. “Our students will gain so much by connecting with Mirabella residents and we hope the residents will benefit from engaging with our kids. This just seems like the perfect partnership waiting to happen.”

Possible future programs: Mirabella residents talking about their life experiences or careers with kids who have been studying those things.

Students offering songs or skits at Mirabella. Students volunteering in our community.

Marge Carothers

Marge Carothers sneaks a cookie

All ideas for participation are welcome, and may be directed to Megan.

Southwest Charter School regularly gets its students out in the world.

Earlier this year, middle schoolers helped the City of Portland with its tree inventory.

Last year, eighth graders capped three months of research into the Civil War with a history quest at the Grand Army of the Republic cemetery on Boones Ferry Rd. Their preparation included digging through original historical sources such as census data and regimental records. They particularly connected with a Union sharpshooter named William Root who, like most of the students, was 14 years old.

Southwest Charter School opened in 2007 and offers what it calls “a creative learning environment where students develop a sense of place and become stewards of the natural world and active citizens within our community.”

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