Curriculum: Civil Rights And Civil Wrongs, The Black History Of Portland, Oregon


Teaching Portland’s Black History through Primary Sources


Workshops for Educators


The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science is pleased to offer  1- to 3-day professional development workshops to introduce your staff or organization to Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs: A History of Portland’s Black Community.    


Workshops can include:


  • Hands-on experience with standards-based lessons, led by the curriculum’s authors
  • Training in inquiry-based teaching practices using primary sources using local resources and materials from the Library of Congress
  • Coaching in culturally responsive teaching practices and educator preparation for facilitating conversations about race
  • Opportunities to adapt the curriculum to your organization or school
  • Many more valuable resources to take back to the classroom and community!


Contact Place-Based Education Expert and The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science’s Fieldwork Coordinator, Sarah Anderson to create a workshop option: sarahanderson [at]

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What educators have said about our workshops: 

“One of the best PD experiences ever– meaningful, insightful, practical, and important.”


“I couldn’t be more happy or satisfied. Thank you!”


“This was the only time I can honestly say that I left a professional development session with a bit of a burning fire in my gut to go out and do excellent things…. Thank you for your guidance, organization, and positivity. It was extremely refreshing.”


“Well organized, amazing content, people, activities. One of the most exceptional workshops I have attended! “


“Thank you for providing a thoughtful, intentional, and inspiring workshop”


“This is honestly one of the best trainings I’ve been to. It was thoughtful, well-organized and immediately applicable to my classroom. You effectively united participants and empowered them to use new approaches to teaching important history.”


“Thank you for… making a way to show how primary sources can live in the classroom.”


“I appreciated learning the curriculum through the lens of a student. I was so engaged and interested to learn more about Oregon’s history. I do feel that this is a beginning and I’m excited to continue to learn both personally and professionally.”


“Hands-on, interactive, instructive, not rushed.”


Contact Sarah Anderson to create a workshop option: sarahanderson [at]

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