CSCS Held a Protest and March for Black Lives Matter

The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science hosted a Black Lives Matter protest and march in the South Waterfront on Thursday, June 18, 2020. The march began at the school and moved to Elizabeth Caruthers Park, where participants from our school community were joined by other onlookers and neighborhood residents. Kamari Rivers, 8, read his poem to the assembled crowd after remarks from Amanda McAdoo, Cottonwood’s executive director. The march concluded with a return to the school, where participants hung their posters around the school fence as a visual symbol of Cottonwood’s commitment to racial justice and equity.

We stand with our black community and will not accept racial injustice as the norm. Our students learn from participation and from the example the school and parents set. Even though the pandemic has necessitated online school, we felt it was important to gather in a safe and socially distanced way to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement and our families of color.

Black Lives Matter.

Here are some photos of the day.



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