New Article by Sarah Anderson – Place-Based Education: Think Globally, Teach Locally

Sarah Anderson, Fieldwork and Place-Based Education Coordinator at the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science and author of Bringing School to Life: Place-Based Education Across the Curriculum has written a new article written for Education Week, titled “Place-Based Education: Think Globally, Teach Locally

 Enrique's JourneyIn the article, Sarah gives examples of class projects at our school that tap students into both the local and the global contexts, including:

  • Our seventh and eighth graders explore the concept of globalization by learning about the history of worldwide trade (Silk Road, slave trade, etc.) and the impacts of colonization that set the stage for present-day world economies.
  • Seventh and eighth grade students tackle the topic of immigration by learning more about the history of the Latino community in Portland.
  • In fourth and fifth grade, students learn about climate and biomes. Before they split off to investigate different biomes around the world in small groups, the entire class spends a good deal of time learning about our local biome.

It’s true, we are raising kids who need to know how they fit into a super-connected, global society. But our young people also need to learn how their decisions and actions impact the areas where they live.

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