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CSCS Arts Parkrun


Wed., Oct. 4th, 2017 9am – 1pm

The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science (formerly Southwest Charter) in Portland, Oregon, is hosting its annual CSCS Arts Parkrun on Wednesday, October 5, to raise funds for our school’s art, music and theater programs. The success of this event  – and our school’s art programs – depend on three key factors. First, students soliciting donations and running the laps. Second, family and friends of the students pledging money, and third, students’ families volunteering on the day of the event.

SWCS students running in the arts run in 2015 at Elizabeth Caruthers Park.
CSCS students running in the arts run in 2015 at Elizabeth Caruthers Park.

The arts are critical to our kids’ academic success as our school’s place-based curriculum encourages exploration of the natural world and involvement in the local community through the arts and sciences.

Our school goal is to raise $20,000. So, if everyone one of our 196 students were able to successfully collect at least $100 in pledges, we can move forward with a robust arts program.

So, this fall – when your daughter, son, grandchild, niece or friend asks you to pledge them for the Arts Parkrun – please support them as they support their school community. Our CSCS Arts Parkrun really depends on everyone’s contributions.

Printable:  final-swcs-arts-parkrun-pledge-form

Video:  CSCS (Formerly SWCS) Arts Parkrun